Millennium Credit Consultants helps simplify your collection efforts.

Full Service Programs Simplify Your Collection Efforts

We establish highly-organized collection service programs for our clients through the following methods and tools:

Automated Collection System

One of the components of our automated collection system is on-line access to a national credit bureau. This service provides our collection professionals with prompt access to credit information and reporting services, which allows our collection professionals to utilize their time in the most efficient manner.

Account Placement

MCC accepts accounts by mail, fax, e-mail or disc. New accounts are entered into our tracking system within 24-hours of receipt. An acknowledgment of account placement is then mailed to the client within two days after accounts have been entered into our tracking system.

Debtor Communications

Client representation letters are mailed to all debtors within 24-hours after the account is set-up. MCC then begins direct telephone communication with the debtor to obtain payment in full or satisfactory payment arrangements.


An important component of our collection service is the skip-tracing program. We utilize individual credit reports, an Internet national account lookup system, as well as local directory listings.

Legal Services

Another element of our successful recovery rates is our aggressive approach to pursuing legal remedies. We will resort to legal action on accounts that many collection agencies would not accept. All legal expenses are advanced by MCC, added to the debtor's account, and recovered only if MCC prevails in the legal action. We have the ability to pursue out-of-state accounts through our extensive forwarding network of collection consultants and agencies.

Enforcement of Court Judgments

Our legal department has established procedures for filing legal claims, executing judgments and recovering money for clients through garnishments, levies and other legal means. We adhere to the guidelines dictated by the county and state courts for satisfying judgments.

Debt Recovery

We usually instruct debtors to make payments directly to MCC; we then deduct the commission and forward the remaining amount to the client. Most clients appreciate the fact that they do not have to issue separate checks for the payment of commission. However, if it is more convenient for the client, we will work on a gross remit basis.

Management Consulting

Clients may call MCC at any time to obtain advice and information regarding their in-house collection efforts. These services are provided at no charge to our clients.

Client Reports

Communication with our clients is an important aspect of our collection service programs. In addition to standard collection reports, MCC promptly provides verbal and/or written account updates upon request.

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